A Shroom Tech Sports Product Review

The supplement market is always a gamble. There are some supplements that work exactly as advertised. Then there are the supplements that work, but nowhere near as well as the advertisements claimed. Unfortunately, the number of supplements that simply don’t work at all outnumber the previous two categories by quite a bit!

So when I heard about Shroom Tech Sport, I admit. I sighed heavily. The number of supplements that promise to boost energy, focus, and mental processing speeds is limitless. Most of them do absolutely nothing. Of those that do anything, most of the benefit is simply from the placebo effect. When my friends ask me how I could possibly know that, I point out that I have severe ADHD. The standard medication for that mental disorder are stimulants, either amphetamines or methylphenidate.

So here is my supplement review for Shroom Tech. Let’s just say I’m particularly skilled at telling whether or not a supplement actually provides the kind of boost it promises.

Energy Supplements And Their Effects

Now, the fact that I have ADHD also means stimulants affect me differently. For most people, being up long hours and working non-stop causes them to become tired, lethargic, and slow. For me, I get more energetic. But it’s useless energy, more like a frantic toddler than the burst of clarity that people without ADHD would get from a stimulant.

So what does this mean in the case of energy supplements? And how does it relate to Shroom Tech Sport?

It means that I’m not affected by supplements that use carbs and caffeine to stimulate giving you mental clarity and more energy but only leave you crashing within the hour. If an energy supplement actually has an effect on the human body, it will allow me to calm down, sit still, and actually pay attention.

Not to put too fine a point on it, Shroom Tech Sport did that.

Shroom Tech Sport Ingredients

Don’t misunderstand what I mean when I say “it worked”. It’s not a replacement for ADHD medication, and you’re not going to feel like you took meth if you don’t have ADHD. It’s a supplement, not a pharmaceutical, and it’s not going to work like a pharmaceutical.

Rather, it worked in the same way as eating a healthy diet and getting some exercise helps. It’s not a replacement for necessary psychiatric drugs, but it’s good on a bad day when your drugs don’t quite manage to keep you calm.

What this means for people without ADHD is that you won’t feel a sudden explosion of energy the way you do with energy drinks or coffee. It digests into your system at a slower rate, which gives you a slower rise in energy. This is great since it means the energy actually stays with you longer and you won’t crash when it wears off. Rather than giving you a quick boost, Shroom Tech Sport is designed to give you all day energy.

To do that, it uses the following ingredients:

  • Ashwagandha
  • Methylcobalamin (Vitamin B12)
  • Chromium
  • Cordyceps Mushrooms (main ingredient)
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Astragalus

Anyone with ADHD like me recognizes at least a few of those ingredients. Things like B vitamins and green tea extract can help keep your brain a bit more steady if you didn’t manage to get your medication at the normal time. They are also one of the best nootropics for energy by far.

So it’s no wonder that Shroom Tech Sport is able to give you long lasting energy. It doesn’t rely on cheap chemical “kicks” that make you think you’re awake and energetic without actually giving any benefits.

Shroom Tech Sport For Working Out

So by now, it’s obvious that Shroom Tech Sport is made of the right stuff for helping your mental clarity. The next question is whether or not it can actually help you during your workouts.

This is more questionable. When I work out, my biggest problem tends to be boredom. It’s nearly impossible to stay running or sitting in one place performing repetitive actions for longer than a few minutes. Shroom Tech Sport didn’t help with that, but I didn’t expect it to. I have to use headphones and the television to stay on a treadmill for longer than half an hour, and that’s if I have my medication.

That said, I did notice that I was focusing my energy a bit better. Rather than the frantic energy causing me to bounce uselessly from topic to topic, I was able to at least pay attention to the things I wanted to pay attention to. I just couldn’t do it for very long.

So what does all this mean for you if you don’t have ADHD? This supplement does what it claims to do, but be prepared to have varied results. I took it as instructed, so as a 263-pound professional wrestler I was downing 5 capsules each day. That’s a lot of pills for me, especially when I can never know how long-term use might interact with my psychiatric medications.

However, for those who have less body weight or simply don’t have ADHD, you’re almost certain to get some benefit out of Shroom Tech Sport. If it has an effect on me with my ADHD symptoms, it will help you with your lethargy and brain fog.

William Stevenson

Benefits Of Nootropics

Nootropics are also widely known as cognitive enhancers. They are essential supplements that are intended to provide some sort of cognitive improvement via enhancing brain functions such as memory retention, the ability to focus, and more. Because people are looking for ways to gain an advantage more than ever before, they have become widely popular on the market. Below, we will be going over some of the key benefits of nootropics that you will want to familiarize yourself with.

Here Are The Top 4 Benefits Of Nootropics:

1. Increase Concentration.

One of the most significant benefits of nootropics is their unique ability to increase concentration. Because they have the ability to help stabilize thought patterns and even reduce anxiety, they are able to allow you to really be able to sit down and focus on one thing rather than having your mind simply wander from one thought to another. This is excellent for those that are dealing with anxiety or high stress.

2. Memory Enhancement.

Another significant benefit that can be gained from taking nootropics is memory enhancement. A lot of people that suffer from poor memory whether short or long term, can benefit from this. Because various nootropics have proven to have a positive effect on a person’s memory retention, it is able to really help those that struggle with memory loss or poor memory retention. It does this by repairing all aspects of your memory functions including one’s ability to recall. Along with this, it helps repair the neurons in your brain which can really provide a significant boost in being able to recall long term memories.

3. Better Brain Health.

Another significant benefit that you are going to be able to get from taking the top nootropics is the ability to achieve much better overall brain health. Because a lot of people suffer from all kinds of high stress, poor diets, and even external pollution, it is important to really supply your brain with the nutrients and things that it needs in order to support it. Being able to improve the level of oxygen flow to the brain can have a significant positive impact on helping improve overall brain function. Because nootropics such as Huperzine A, have been known to be able to help assist those that suffer from Alzheimer’s, it has shown an ability to help those that have impaired function.

4. Improvements In Mood.

One of the biggest reasons why a lot of people are unable to function at their optimal levels is because they are simply feeling all sorts of emotions that can negatively impact their level of focus or attention. By improving your mood, you are going to be able to really improve the capacity at which your brain is able to work. Because these sort of supplements have shown the ability to help improve overall moods, it can help minimize the stress, anxiety, and negative impact that a bad mood can have on your overall brain function.

Nootropics are gaining in popularity because they can provide significant benefits to users as seen above. However, make sure you do your research and consult with your doctor to find the top nootropics right for you.

William Stevenson

Reaching Your True Potential

Have you ever wondered why we as human beings can only access a small percentage of our brains? What if humans can access more parts of the brain? Will our society advance in rapid rates like we have never seen before? ¬†We still do not have the research or technology to help us unlock our full potential, however, there are certain drugs called Nootropics that allow us to optimize our brain health to reach our fullest potential to help push our society even further. What’s awesome about Nootropics is that most of them are natural and can be grown. The most common Nootropic is caffeine but there are so much more that the average person is not aware of. In this blog, we will be exploring all the natural nootropics to create more awareness about Nootropics. We think this will be beneficial to any individual and most importantly society as a whole.

William Stevenson